Will You Take a Stand

When shit hits the fan will you take a stand?

With a gun pointed at me I lift both my hands
My life in the palm of another man that battle with a God complex my life in the hands of a man in blue and because of the legal system I walk home red black blue this ain’t nothing new they just wear different uniforms now…they traded in the white gowns with white hoods for something a little darker, something to blend in with their mark, I’m marked by the color of my skin deep with melanin, a blessing that is treated like a sin in the old testament, punishable by death no questions asked….and when the beats of Africa drum in my chest I can’t help but to wonder and guess if I’m really home or if I’m a just a guest. they try to tell me that I’m so blessed, to live in a place of more not less but instead of more opportunities and less hardships I’m faced with more threats and less respect. My ancestors were Queens, Kings rulers, creators but these aren’t the things that we learn.

I don’t want to have to die to be heard! All I have in this world is my words and I scream them from mountain tops but no one is listening…I scream I can’t breathe but no one hears me til there is no breath left in me…I scream don’t shoot but I’m not heard until the bullet penetrates my body and life leaks out, I scream and I cry and I fight for my life but there is no justice even after I’m gone I don’t want to be another lifeless corpse that is cried over another black face amongst hundreds of others lost unjustly I don’t want to be a Facebook hash tag used to make people feel better like they were apart of helping because when I said something before no one wanted to know who I was…no one wanted to hear my words my heart my mind…I don’t want to die for this country to realize I’m a person…I’m not perfect but I’m human I don’t want to die before it gets better, I don’t want to have to die for us to love and support one another and stop killing each other…I don’t want to have to die again after I die because I was just a trend in death…I don’t want to have to die for what is right…but I will if I have to…


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