Why: Suicide

So full of life, you were so filled with joy.

You were that guy that could change even Oscar the grouch into a happy creature.

You were that individual that everyone wanted to know.

You were like a ball of sunshine wrapped into chocolate skin spreading light to all in your presence…

But wait, tell me what happened? Did the darkness catch you? Did you give up?

No, it couldn’t be that! No one could tell…

You must have contemplated it for a while…

Did your family cross your mind? Your mom, dad, little sister?

Did you tell anyone? A friend, a teacher?

See nah, you aren’t fair…

No warnings or telltale signs.

Just one action sending a ripple effect through the waters of the lives that were attached to you…

What was wrong? It had to be pretty damn bad,

But see you decided to take that brave new world approach.

That “shhh keep it hidden” approach,

That “display no emotion but happiness” approach,

That “soma will fix it” approach.

See you weren’t apart of the Brave New World…you were like the savage,

Understanding love, hurt and pain…

But he couldn’t handle it either because by the end of your story…

You were the savage…

Two feet hanging…



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