The Evolution of a Negus

Here in America they called us niggers


Ignorant, incompetent, uneducated, unable, to be worthy of rights of a man

Basic rights every man should have we were stripped of when we were taken from the motherland

The true land of the free and home of the brave…they tried to break us down, had us bound

Not just physically but mentally, letting us be lynched in our thinking, because dividing us buy age, complexion, and gender was the nuce that that they handed us…and we were to ignorant, incompetent, uneducated, and unable to realize that we were the ones that put the thing around our necks and just left it there….

Here in America we call each other Niggas


But why? What’s the difference? Nigger nigga? A black individual? We made nigga familiar, a term of endearment just as I would say my mother, my brother, my sister…. My Nigga!

We made nigga exclusive, you can only say it if you are a part of the club…right? We made it something that others want to be… but Pac said it best

The only difference between a Nigger and a nigga is a nigger had slavery chains around their necks

A nigga has a gold chain around his neck

But the thing we can’t see is that once again that gold chain is modern day nuce that we choose to wear

Still being lynched in 2015 I see… team dark skin team light skin, the young disrespecting the old, the old not understanding the young, the men not appreciating the women, the woman disrespecting the man, a lack of trust on both sides…men being snatched from their children and wives, murdered, arrested, or occupied by the shiny pipe dream that they gotta be separated from them to make it in America but that is actually when a black man is the strongest…

Yeeahh they are still lynching and I’m not talking about strange fruit…that mental lynching can be a killer…

In Africa…In Ethiopia…In Amharic…they call us Negus


Just like Kendrick said N E G U S! Kings, rulers, emperors…

Surly not to be confused with niggers or niggas or even Negros but Negus…

Above the nuce and shackles and gold chains

Above the physical and mental lynching

Why? Because we, once upon a time, were running things

Never bowing down but being bowed down to…


Today in America what would you choose to be?

Are you gunna be a nigger with slave chains?

A Nigga with a gold chain

Or a Negus with a throne, a kingdom, an empire, a voice…

It’s all in you…





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