Opposites Attract

(Inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s Opposites Attract)


I said that I loved you…I love you…I am loving you!

Still, and still I don’t know why you are always keeping me at an arm’s length away,

Your words as hollow as a chocolate Easter bunny…

Enticing on the outside, but as I bite…there is no filling

No meaning…just a shell.

You said you loved me…you love me…you are loving me!

Still, and still I don’t believe…

Your mouth says one thing while your actions do another a deadly contradiction.

I gave you my heart, my time, my love, my loyalty, my support,

Everything I have except the flower of my sacred garden… good thing I didn’t

Because all you gave me was water filled eyes, cold shoulders,

Unkissed lips, a lonely soul, broken dreams and a heart that has been working overtime

Trying to make you love me the way I needed to be loved

Maybe it’s all my fault, for expecting our story to turn out like beauty and the beast,

That maybe since I was the one you chose, I would be the one to melt the ice around your heart…

but no matter how much I melted you just formed another layer of ice leaving me in a pool of the things

other females did to you…so cold, yet you couldn’t see that my love was real. I poured all of me in to us

and you only poured half of you.  Your high, hangovers, and homies came first with you.

Parties and hoes turned into diapers and a baby by a female you feel nothing for and all the while,

You say, I loved you, I love you, I am still loving you and still,

you drive to my city to see everyone else but me.

As I sit alone watching all the cute couples I think,

I loved you, I love you still, but I can’t love you anymore.

While I write love letters to you and think of our future,

You want to keep playing in the playground making me look like the unfair mom

calling you to come home. We used to be soul mates, one soul in two bodies

but you took your half and walked away, turning us into strangers.

You left me with the bitter taste of desire for something so foreign to me.

I’m an addict chasing the high of that opposite attraction.



















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