Life is a journey, sometimes we think we know our destination, but the majority of the times we are just wandering around in the darkness trying to figure out if we made a wrong turn somewhere. You tripped and you fell, you sat in that spot for a while wondering why you even bothered, you can’t see anything but the pitch blackness that closes in on you. Just as you have completely given up on it all and you are ready to just lay there and wallow, you look up and you see it, the biggest most beautiful star in the sky. Then something deep inside of you says, “Get up and walk”. So you do just that. You get up filthy, covered in dirt and despair, weak, and you walk, not knowing where you are going you just follow the star and with each aching step you feel the strength building inside of you. The darkness that was inside of you is now non-existent and as if someone took the sunglasses off of your face you see a pathway that is aglow. The abyss that you once laid in no longer existed in your eyes. You walk and walk, of course you got tired but that thing in you refused to let you stop and when you finally got to where the star stopped you fall to your knees because you see the glory of it all, all of the hurt, the heartache, the tears, the bumps in the road and the obstacles, were trivial to this moment, the moment that you finally see what God is doing. He told us that he only has plans to prosper us, so after all that you went through, when you finally discover the purpose of your journey, you bask in the brightness.




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