Formal Introduction

Hi. My name is…
Hold on let me introduce myself
Hi, my name is…wait, wait…I am…my name is…
See, I don’t understand why I am introducing myself

Because even after I tell you my name,

You still won’t know me.

It’s not that you can’t, but more like you won’t 

Because to you, a formal introduction is just a distraction from that action

‘cause that is all you want.

Body Language is your native language 

No need for a formal introduction with you,

Because that would cause you to care

Let’s be honest, that’s not who you are

You just portray that, so you can be laid back with your snapback 

Telling all the hommies you tapped that…

Hi my name is…

See you won’t even look me in my eyes, you are afraid.

You sit there with your sunshades thinking you got me played 

But you are really hopping your emotions will fade…

You don’t wanna be that guy that brings flowers

Or that is standing in the kitchen covered in flour from you trying to bake me a cake… 

BOY! Can’t you see that is who your mama raised you to be?

To be a man, a provider, a protector, a romantic.

ROME for Romeo, you lack that

Leaving me with a tick…sucking the life out of me

All because you wanna be something you weren’t created to be

Hi, my name is…Do You Even Care?




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