I close my eyes and take a deep breath as the smell of sweet ocean water filled my lungs and the mist of the waters hit my face. I open my eyes to stare at the magnificent vision before me. The sun was touching the horizon casting a bright orange reflection on the blue-purple ocean. The sky was an amazing collage of pink, orange, purple and blue. I spread out my arms as the cool breeze blew back my dress and hair. I embrace the air as it tickled my smooth skin. I close my eyes feeling my surroundings as his warm muscular arms wrapped around my soft curvy waist. I relaxed into the warmth of his body as he rocked me side to side whispering Spanish into my ear. I turned around and looked into his deep complex eyes as they changed from light brown, to green, to deep blue and back again. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he placed his hands strong and firm on my lower back. We slowly rocked in circles, a dance to the sound of the waves and the beating of our hearts that beat in unison.


Staring into his eyes I saw all of his sorrows, his joys, his pains, his love, and he saw the same in mine. I was mesmerized by the strong features in his smooth caramel face noticing the small scar above his full succulent lips. I gently touch his face and he closes his eyes and relishes in my touch. He brings his face closer to mine. I close my eyes and feel the radiating heat from his lips on mine and his sweet breath on my face. He whispered, “ tu eres Hermosa. Tu eres mi Corazon. Tu eres mi amor.” Then he closed the gap between our lips kissing me slowly with so much passion and fire that I begin to melt. Next thing I knew, I felt cold, calming water slowly inching up my body. We were still lost in our passionate kiss as we became enveloped completely by water. I open my eyes and looked at him, his eyes, now blue again, matched the water yet they burned with fire and desire. He pulled me close to him and we danced in each other’s arms, not worrying about air or land, but being taken over by the calming rhythm of the water


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