Colored Girl

Colored girl I almost didn’t recognize you. It is crazy to see what society has done to a descendant of an African queen. Sad thing is…you don’t know that you are free because the only ancestors you see are the ones that worked in the fields, obeying “masa’s” every command.

Colored girl, I see the anger in your eyes. The law may say you are free, bu7t you are not treated as such. All you know is what your mama taught you. “Keep quiet, blend in, and do as you are told” and that’s the last thing she said before she was sold…

Colored girl, I understand your silence. What can you say when a nation is against you? They tell you separate but equal, but equality clearly doesn’t exist in this bastard land. Jim Crow is your new masa, putting legal shackles on your wrists and ankles instead of literal ones. I see anger as well as the acceptance. They break the fight in you every time they tell you, you aren’t good enough to eat, sit, learn, or be in their establishments

OH, colored girl, I see that the African girl is still in you. You don’t see it yet, but your anger isn’t anger, but passion. It is a burning desire to change things for the future, true and absolute freedom. Whether you choose panther or peace, Malcom or martin, you begin to realize your true roots!

Colored girl OH colored girl, I misjudged you. I thought you forgot who you were. I thought you gave up because you were afraid, but you didn’t. You were waiting, waiting for your time to strike back. You channeled the songs that were stained with pain and bloodshed. You channeled every lash of the whip, every time your brothers and sisters were called Nigger, porch monkeys, coons and pickaninnys. You waited =, like a lion watching its prey, and you attacked.

Colored girl, I admire you. You fought for what was stolen from your ancestors and rightfully claimed it as your own. You are not the African girl you have more strength, you carry her beauty and confidence but developed thicker skin from living in this land. Although you aren’t free to sing with the canaries as those before you once did, you are beginning to relearn the definition of FREE.


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