Breathe in breathe out

I just want to scream and shout

Feeling claustrophobic LET ME OUT LET ME OUT!

My mind and judgment are full of doubt

And I am stuck feeling like a thunderstorm cloud.


Breathe in breathe out,

Breathing faster and faster

I can’t get to the pasture

I just want to lie beside still waters

But I am faced with a tsunami

Now I am drowning

Man, why do I feel so down

Why am I under attack?

Why can’t I fight back?


Breathe out breathe in

I’m sick of sufferin

Sick of believing in


That maybe a human, can see

That their sister is hurting

But I am alone

Taking shots to the dome

Just to numb the pain

But there is nothing there for me to gain

Ohhh how I pray for the rain

That maybe it will make me sane

Lord please rain on me

Cleanse me

Help me!

I am broken

Awaken at night with paralyzing fear

Of the things, I can’t see but can hear

And I don’t know if it is really there

But father I am scared…


Breathe in breathe out

Let me calm my breathing down

Wipe the sweat off my brow

Say a quick prayer then lay my head back down

Let me close my eyes and imagine Eden

Let me drift back to sleep…


Breathe please BREATHE

Don’t die

Please live

It’s not that bad

Not that horrible

God can fix it



Breathe…just breathe

That’s all you are obligated to do

Live and keep going

Believe and keep believing

Seek and seek again

Fall, fall, fall some more

Cry hard, sob harder


Whatever you do,

Just make sure you,

Breathe in, breath out.




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