See, I had a dream but I woke up to a nightmare, you would think that in this day in age all colors would be treated fair, but it seems to be no matter how high our achievements are as a whole, it looks like we are reaching for an untouchable goal.

This nation has lost faith in us, so we lost faith in ourselves.  We struggle, stumble and fall, allowing people to steal our wealth, falling prey to the system letting them deteriorate our mental health, not stopping to think about how this isn’t the hand that we were dealt.

Blood of slaves, hearts of kings, drop the shackles and gold chains and let freedom ring, take a look at your past, you descended from kings and queens, so rock your stunna shades every time you step on the scene.

Hustler, convict, baby daddy, thug, stop accepting these labels, they weren’t given with love. These are stereotypes meant to break our people down, but try these new labels out and you tell me how they sound.

Doctor, lawyer, engineer, activist, husband, father, wife, mother, college graduate, business owner, CEO, Olympian, song writer, cypher, author, poet…

They say turn down for what and we finally have the answer. Turn down the stereotypes and our empire will grow faster.

I’m not LL so don’t call it a comeback, we never left our right minds are just coming back, we were lost but the dipper helped us find our way, and that’s why I can stand here today and say THE WORLD IS MY KINGDOM AND I’M HERE TO CLAIM MY THRONE THIS IS THE RETURN OF THE KING, DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DIDN’T KNOW.

Black excellence isn’t a noun it is a verb, you have got to make a statement in this world if you want to be heard. If you want it bad enough, it is within your reach, just remember to keep your stunna shades on, so that you can see.


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