American Dreamin’

To be honest y’all I was American dreaming.

When I would close my eyes, I liked what I was seeing,

But the issue with that was I couldn’t see me in,

The scene with the white picket fence; I took offense

Because I dreamed of a reality that was never meant for me.

I had to wake up.

Now I am American seeing; I can’t believe it.

My dreaming was just rose colored glasses on my reality

Holding me in a prison mentality

Now I’m restless trying to address this wild injustice

Of being conditioned to expect 40 acres and a mule

When my ancestors ruled nations, I’ve been patient

Now my own dreams are keeping me woke


I can’t sleep on the visions of faces like mine

With a drive to thrive and shine

Breaking out of the shackles and binds

That have held us back for far too long

United we are strong, powerful, and bright

I’ve never known what freedom feels like…

but I can imagine what I feel now, in this moment, is a step closer to it


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