African Girl

African girl, so beautiful with her nappy curls and her wide brown eyes that held so much freedom and love for the motherland. With her curves and long legs covered in the deepest of chocolate, the deepest brown, symbolizing her deep roots, her connection to the motherland, mother Africa.

African girl, roaming around the land, her land, free as the canaries that flew around her as she took her every step…bound, chained, kidnapped, beaten down, African girl…Taken from the motherland and tossed into the bastard land, that rebellion land, the thieves…

African girl, where are you? Hidden behind the rags that you were forced to wear as opposed to the colorful Ankara garments only fitting for an African princess to wear. Where is your pride African girl?  Your long stride? Stripped from you with every lash of the whip that struck your back, legs, and arms. With every lash of the tongue as they called you little nigger girl, and take turns violating, raping, you and everything that you stood for…

African girl, what happened to your freedom? African girl why won’t you fight? You can’t see your freedom anymore? Your eyes cry tears of blood. Blood for your brother that was beaten to death for speaking the language of the free, blood for your sister that was raped by “masa” then beaten to keep her mouth shut…

African girl…you don’t fight for freedom because you see no freedom, not even the North Star can brighten this darkness… African girl, what happened to your voice? You sang with the birds, beautiful melodies. Now your songs are pained and stained with sorrow as your hands bleed, leaving red drops on the cotton you picked in the fields. African girl? What happened to your roots? The joy that your deep skin brought to your village? The African beauty…she’s bitter, scared, dirty…

Nigger girl, Black girl! Why are you so dark? They would ask…The same girls that suffered with you, black girls, lighter skin, walking around with the pride you once had when you had the freedom to say…

African girl, black girl, why are you trying to be like the ones that robbed you of your culture, your roots, and your pride in mother Africa? Why? Why have you allowed them to make “African” a cuss word? As if having the roots of that sweet land in your skin is a curse, a disgrace!

African girl…I mean black girl… why do you straighten your nappy curls and shun your beautiful curves? Erasing mother Africa out of your mind, making the bastard land your home. Why not rebel? Why not fight? Oh, yeah, I know why…. its cause you aren’t African girl or black girl…you are that scary girl that gave up…



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