Black Horror Story

People would opt to believe in fairy tales and the paranormal before they would believe of the mass mistreatment of black people.

They try to pacify us with small victories and wonder why we still won’t shut up. They make statements like “look at your last president, he was black, America is not racist”, however, that is 1 out of now 45 presidents over the course of 228 years. That means .02% of the highest position to hold in the United States of America was held by a minority…

This country was built on the backs of our ancestors, the trees were watered by our sweat and tears only for our bodies to become adornments for the very same tree. Our families were ripped apart, our men were emasculated, homes broken, barely given enough money to keep the family afloat, yet we are the monsters. We are the scary thing that goes bump in the night.

They say we all act like victims, yet they won’t acknowledge why we feel that way. We are told to shut up as if our voices bother them as if they can’t handle the voices that call them on their shit. They want our strength, our work ethic, our music, our inventions, our hair, our clothes, our walk, our talk, our skin, our features, but they want it all without acknowledging us as the creators, they want it all but they don’t want us…

Why is that you ask? It’s because somewhere along the line of history someone felt threatened by darker people that ruled nations and created things never seen before. So instead of learning from them, they stole from them and put their name on it. since then, its been the same story over and over again consistently throughout history.

Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is insanity, and I can tell you right now, my people are tired of feeling crazy for being aware of the way we are treated and how we have been treated from the moment our ancestors stepped foot in this country.

The black experience in America is not a fairy tale from a far off land. It is an ongoing horror story, and we all know that black folks hardly make it to the end of a horror film…

– The Moon Owl


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