Brown Sugar

I saw you through the eyes of a hurt woman

A broken woman, a woman that didn’t feel

I thought you were trying to come and steal

What little bit of sanity I was holding on to

See, humanity was screwing me over and over and over

And it hurt so bad I had to suck it up and try to push forward

I saw you

You with the optimism dripping through your text and into my hand

I couldn’t handle your hand reaching out to me

You reminded me of what I had lost

Yet you managed to make that throbbing pain in my chest stop

Just long enough for me to open my eyes and see

The generous man before me

I saw, I saw how you just wanted to give

You wanted me to live

Not just me physically but my inner self

The part of me that was slipping into a coma

The part of me that was high on soma

The part of me that did not want to feel

You wanted that piece

Your absence is very apparent to me

You don’t even realize who you are to me

And the crazy thing is…I’m not even sure what I am to you

I just know that you are one of the only brothas that cared long enough…

Long enough to hear about my dreams and crazy schemes and the things that make me

Me, the girl that you can’t run from…the girl you tried to walk away from

The girl you almost hurt even though you swore that was the last thing you wanna do…

I like you; I like you a lot actually.

Have you ever heard of love at first sight?

Well it didn’t happen like that…

I’m not even sure if I would call it love…but I feel something strong towards you

It was something about your transparency and your aloofness

Your simplicity and your complexity

It sends me, it is alluring it is mysterious

You are like my favorite page turning thriller that will keep me sucked in until I know…

Until I know every last detail of how the story came to be what it was.

You are like my favorite jazz genre.

So beautiful and so interesting and so entrapping

Getting lost in the specifics, the different instruments that play separate roles

But colliding to create such an array of blissful melodies

You have no clue of the things I think towards you. But you do now.


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