Untitled: Just…Thinking

What ? Am I too black for you ?
Am I too angry?
Too aggressive?

Am I too fake?
Too natural?
Too many of your expectations
Too much to handle?

Do you hate that I can rise to the occasion?
That I excel ?
That I give you a run for your money…
Despite my complexion?

Does it make you mad?
That I love myself?
That I have a voice?
That I speak?

When I do better than you
In school
At work
In society
In general
Its affirmative action right ?

Your ancestors moved here.
My ancestors were BROUGHT here by force
Yet…I’m told to go home…

Then they say “oh we have come along way since slavery and the civil rights movement. You should be happy!”

But I’m scared.

For me

For my future husband

For my brother

For my father

For my mother

For my friends…

I am terrified just as much as I am excited to be a black woman in America in 2016.

I am magic, despite what they say.

– The Moon Owl


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