New Year Finally Here

2017!!!!! Here we are another year has come and gone. I am not even going to lie to you and say that 2016 was great and I am excited for 2017. 2016 was hell and it has left me apprehensive about 2017, but for whatever reason, in the last couple of hours of 2016 I have an overwhelming feeling of hope. I have spent a whole year feeling hopeless and feeling like there is no way out of the darkness. I have been depressed and anxiety ridden, I’ve been sicker this year more than I ever have in my life, I was in and out of the hospital, stress was through the roof and yet I am walking into the new year with hope. It is something that is so easy to lose in the society that we live in. Things are so negative and all we see is death, deceit and destruction but there is still good and light all around us, we just need to try a little bit harder to see it at times. I know not every day is going to bring sunshine but I will put on my hope goggles and I will move forward with the mindset that it will all work out. I know that this post isn’t super deep or philosophical but for this one I wanted to keep it light and to the point. My theme for 2017 is Romans 8:24; “But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently“. Just remember, if you have already hit rock bottom, you can only go up from there.

Happy New Year !!!!!


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