Modern Day Slavery

There is this thing that has a hold on me, life has gotten a little cold on me, black people feel no need to be bold these days and I am only one person so what can I say? I just get down on my knees and pray that sometime soon there will be a movement! I’m through with the shackles that hold my bold character and prevent me from venting about the burning of my people, no longer are they burning us we are burning ourselves, we are no longer strange fruit on a tree because the air that they once took from us we are taking from ourselves PLEASE PLEASE can we find something else to make a new trend? Slavery, although you are not directly paying for me you are buying me without my permission, I am in  remission I have no clue of my current position but I am here…and I’m scared…I have no identity that is what you are stripping from me and like the blood that sheds down my back from every lash, my morals, my character, my individuality drains out of me, and to avoid reality I become a drone…I move within the lines provided, no deviation, I am no longer God’s creation, just another product of  empty acceptance, it’s too late for repentance because now, NOW the flames I feel cannot be put out it is  forever and to think I thought I was so clever to believe that 100 likes, will gain my freedom not realizing that, that is the very thing that is keeping me bounded. I am no longer living life, we are no longer living life.


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