Breathing heavily I run faster. I can hear my heart beating in my ears, buhbum-buhbum-buhbum-buhbum. I can’t breathe but I can’t stop my legs from taking the next step forward. I cut left and continued to sprint thinking that that would stop the inevitable. My chest is burning; my eyes are watering, buhbum-buhbum-buhbum-buhbum. My heart is pounding harder against my chest. “Ahhhhhhh!” I scream in an attempt to get help but of course I am alone, again. I am always alone, never getting help when I need it the absolute most…like right now.  My tongue feels weird, my throat is dry, I can no longer feel my body because the cool crisp air has removed any sense of feeling I have…only my burning legs and chest indicate the fact that I am still living, and still running. The lack of light makes it hard for me to know where I am going but it seems that my body knows what it is doing. Damn. I can hear the other footsteps catching up to me. My heart beats faster from fear this time.  I dash to the right and push myself to go a little faster. Buhbumbuhbumbuhbumbuhbum…faster, faster FASTER! WOOSH! AHHHHHHH…

I have never thought about what it would be like to die. Whether it would hurt, or be peaceful, calm…I never wondered how I would go, when, what I would think, whose face I would see…never. To be honest, I never thought I would die. I can’t hear anything but air in my ears; I can’t hear my heart or my screams…just air. I can’t even feel myself anymore…just ice.  It is as if the temperature has dropped another 20 degrees…I don’t even thing I am falling anymore…SMACK!

UHHH…that hurt.

It burns.

I can feel the sting, it is so sharp and harsh it makes me gasp. Trying to take deep breaths I realize I cannot move anything at all, not only that, I am slowly being submersed in water.  So this is my end? This is how I will be leaving this world? I can’t bear to think that this is it until….BANG! My body darts farther into the water followed by a stream of red…

It’s quite poetic you know? Death by fire and ice…my body is cold but I feel the burning sensation in my heart as the frigid water turns crimson around me and everything begins to fade away as I see the ominous shadow stand above the water, right under the moon with a smile that reminded me of the Cheshire cat…then everything just goes dim leaving nothing in my mind but fire and the Moon.



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